CurlManitoba Appendix To M.P.I. News Release

Manitoba Curling Clubs Also Benefit from Licence Plate Program

CurlManitoba has partnered with MPI and the Provincial Government to issue a Curling Licence Plate available for sale starting Monday December 9.

The licence plate price will be $70 with $30 to be shared between CurlManitoba’s Curling for Life Endowment Fund and local curling clubs.

Each member of an affiliated curling club that purchases a licence plate can register that plate number with their curling club, and CurlManitoba will remit $10 of the $30 to the curling club.

The remaining $20 will be deposited in the Curling For Life Endowment Fund which is a permanent interest bearing endowment fund managed by the Winnipeg Foundation. Interest generated will be used for CurlManitoba’s Development Programs, Scholarships, and the promotion of the sport of curling.

Information posters have been forwarded to Manitoba curling clubs.

Detailed information about the Curling For Life Endowment Fund is available via

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