What is the Curling for Life Endowment Fund?

An endowment fund is a collection of monetary gifts that are pooled and permanently invested. The capital is never spent, and the fund generates annual revenues, forever.

The Winnipeg Foundation holds our Curling for Life Endowment Fund. Our endowment enables us to plan for the future, meet unanticipated costs, and overcome challenging times when support from funders and donors may fluctuate. We welcome gifts of all sizes to our fund - that said, it is the MCA 125th Anniversary this year so we are considering donations in this fiscal year to be founding donors of our Endowment Fund. Together these contributions help ensure our long-term viability.

The Winnipeg Foundation oversees the investment of, and distribution from, our fund, and gives us access to professional management and the benefits of investing a larger total asset base. The Foundation also provides a matching support program, based on a formula, to help us grow our fund.

The Curling for Life Endowment Fund (CFLEF) was established so we could help generate funds to sustain and build programs to grow, develop and market the sport of curling in Manitoba.

With the current programs that CurlManitoba executes, we would need to generate $1,000,000 in our Curling for Life Endowment Fund to sustain our current offerings. We have identified three areas to target our CFLEF yearly funds:


CurlManitoba currently offers scholarships yearly to active junior curlers entering post secondary education. To learn more about these programs, please click here for more information.

Development of curling in our province

CurlManitoba currently offers many programs that provide services to our Manitoba curlers; whether they are grassroot or elite - by offering development of coaching, curlers or ice development. Between our Learn to Curl, Ice Development Courses, our coaching clinics, our Road Show as well as our to start a league in your own club with League in a Box, our goal is to help the sport of curling thrive in our province.

Promotion of curling in our province

CurlManitoba has not had the opportunity to use funds to promote the sport of curling in our province. By generating this CFLEF, we will be building a long-term sustainable plan to continue curling in Manitoba well past 125 years.